The Mixed Up Chameleon

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I came up with this lesson after going through some of my favorite Eric Carle books. I was drawn immediately to “The Mixed Up Chameleon” with its vibrant colors. Kindergarten is learning all about color. What are the primary colors? What are the secondary colors? Which primary colors mix to make which secondary colors? This color mixing stuff can be complex! This chameleon makes it a little less confusing. After I read the story, I talked to my students about the rainbow. They learned that the colors have to go in a certain order. In fact, each secondary color is sandwiched in between the two primary colors that make it. We took these new things that we learned, and put them on to our chameleon.

We started by mixing colors. Each table worked together to paint papers with primary colors. Next, they mixed primary colored paints to make secondary colors and painted in those colors too.  After some drying time, I cut all of the painted papers into small squares for our future collage.

Each student traced a Chameleon shape and divided it into six sections. We started with with primary colors and glued our painted squares into the chameleon sections. Next, we took the secondary colored papers and glued them in their appropriate sections. The kids knew exactly where to put them after our discussion about the rainbow!

Lastly, I had my 5th grade helpers cut the chameleons out (they had some tricky curly tails!) and the kinders added eyes, feet, and a mouth.

They turned out so stinkin cute!!!

~Mrs. Huffman

Art is not a thing; it is a way.  ~Elbert Hubbard


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